Too Human developer diary: RPG elements, mini-documentary, more

Too Human from Silicon Knights: Developer Diary, RPG Elements - Image 1More Too Human goodness coming your way! Here's the third installment to the video diary series from Silicon Knights. This time around, Denis Dyack talks about the game's roots in Norse mythology, and talks more on the game's features, and RPG elements. Watch the video by following the "read more" link below!

It's great to hear from Silicon Knights' Too Human on more or less a regular basis now, aside from just news on their bout with Epic Games. In this new video, we find out more about the game's roots in Norse mythology, RPG elements, and more on gameplay.

The video is narrated by SK's President, Denis Dyack, as well as their Director of Design, Henry Sterchi. Also in the video is a mini-documentary called the "The Goblin Man of Norway," which Dyack says is one of the inspirations for Too Human's storyline.

The video is also available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace. You can check out the documentary on the 4:10 mark on the timer. Here's the video, enjoy!

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