Toshiba to withdraw HD DVD support soon

Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, end format war - Image 1The industry’s been expecting it for some time now, but to actually hear that the format war is over is still a little surreal: according to Reuters, a source from Toshiba has revealed that the company is giving up the format, possibly sealing the final nail on the coffin. More in the full article.

Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, end format war - Image 1 

Yesterday, it was reported that the new word on the street is that Toshiba may be giving up its support of the HD DVD format. A new report from Reuters reveals that the company will indeed be giving up the format. This is according to a source from the company.

Toshiba is reported to lose tens of billions of yen (that’s equivalent to hundreds of millions of dollars) when they drop the format. They will lose their production line of HD DVD players, recorders, and other devices that support the format.

Reuters’ source continues on to say that Toshiba is planning the final stages of dropping the HD DVD format. An official announcement is expected soon. How would this affect the console wars? We’ll know pretty soon.

Thanks to elmagniphicko01 for the juicy tip!

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