Trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep leaked *Update*

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Image 1We’ve been twiddling our thumbs while waiting for more Kingdom Hearts love for a long time now, but here’s something that will no doubt distract you from the long wait, if only for a few minutes. Check out the leaked trailer of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and witness how awesome the game will probably turn out to be when it finally gets released. The video in the full article!

*Update* New video with English subtitles!

It’s been a long while since we’ve last heard about Square Enix‘s upcoming Kingdom Hearts spin-offs, includingKingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the Sony PSP. Finally, here’s something that we’ve all been waiting for: a leaked trailer of the game provided to KHInsider by Johnhay Ancheta. Sweet? Yes it is, and we all know that you can’t wait to press the play button for the video embed below.

But before you do so, we have to remind you that since this is a leak you can’t exactly expect a high-quality video. You also probably need to refresh your memory about certain things in the game: the kid who looks like Roxas is named Ven, while the black-haired guy is Terra. The old, bald guy seems to be an older Xehanort… anyway, you can probably pick it up from there.

Now, don’t delay and play the video, stat!


*Update* The video above no longer seems to be available, so we scoured the Internet for another copy. Lo and behold, not only did we find one, but this time around, it’s even got English subtitles!

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