TruFlow v1.0: a Coverflow-like music browser for the PSP *UPDATE*

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Homebrew developer Da Merv dropped by QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum to tell us about the new homebrew music browser available for the PlayStation Portable. Entitled “TruFlow”, it makes use of the same UI format as the iTunes music browser. Find out more about the homebrew app’s different features in our full article after the jump.

Download: TruFlow v1.0
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

Screenshot of TruFlow PSP homebrew application - Image 1 Screenshot of TruFlow PSP homebrew application - Image 2 

If you’re impressed with Apple’s Coverflow User Interface (UI) for iTunes, then you can browse through your favorite tunes in the same way on the PlayStation Portable thanks to a new homebrew app from developer Da Merv.

Marking itself as the first version release of the program, TruFlow makes use of the same UI format as the iTunes music browser. To use TruFlow, all you have to do is add your preferred cover art for the song you have stored on your handheld. TruFlow will automatically index your music folder upon running it for the first time.

Anyway, here’s a list of the application’s controls for easier reference:

  • Cross: plays the selected album, select menu item
  • Square: stops playing the current song
  • Circle: pauses/plays the current song
  • Triangle: displays/closes menu
  • L/R: play previous/next song
  • Left/Right: browse albums one by one
  • Analog nub: scrolls through albums
  • Up/Down: change selection in menu

The developer noted that there might be a slight delay every time a song starts. There may also be problems when playing MP3s encoded at 320 or higher. If you encounter any bugs with the program, you can drop Da Merv a line by visiting the homebrew release thread through the link we’ve provided below.

As always, please don’t forget the read the documentation included in the file bundle for instructions on how to install TruFlow into you PSP.


Da Merv was recently able to come up with an updated version to the homebrew music browser, bumping up the release to version 1.1. The new build includes a fix for problematic MP3s which tend to crash the program, as well as several other improvements to help error management.

Anyway, here are the details to all the changes made in version 1.1:

  • Removed menu system, use R at startup to recache, use select for help, use home to exit
  • Added config file to specify music folder
  • Problemed mp3s are skipped instead of crashing the program
  • Vastly improved error management

Download: TruFlow v1.1
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

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