Tux game v0.1

Tux game - Image 1Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Jack has recently rolled out his latest project, Tux game, and it’s certainly a charming little gem that sports a very oldschool visual style. Check out what could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with your PSP and this homebrew in the full article.

Download: Tux game v0.1

Tux Game - Image 1 

Here’s another homebrew gem that should get your interest if you’re into oldschool RPG visuals. Tux game, one of Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Jack’s latest projects, puts you in the shoes of an intrepid protagonist in a very lively-looking town. There’s not much to do yet – the player can only walk around the city – but it does show off what sort of possibilities we’re in for in the near future.

Here’s an excerpt of the release post:


Analog stick: move the cursor information
Directional pad: move the character
X: call the drop-down menu
O: leave the drop-down menu
[]: Do appear map
/ : Leave the map
Start: back in the menu of the game

Do note that your PSP must be upgraded to at least 3.71 M33 for the game to work. And yes, it’s compatible with the Slim & Lite model.

Download: Tux game v0.1

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