Two Worlds: Curse of Souls DLC now available

SouthPeak Interactive's Two Worlds Xbox 360 - Image 1Some new downloadable content for SouthPeak Interactive‘s Two Worlds is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The Curse of Souls pack offers new content that fans of the game might be interested in picking up. For more on this, be sure to check out the full article.

Southpeak Games' Two Worlds Xbox 360 - Image 1SouthPeak Interactive has rolled out some new downloadable content for their Xbox 360 video game Two Worlds. Available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 600 Microsoft Points, the Curse of Souls update offers new maps, quests and even a new town to explore.

This update adds four new maps with over 35 new quests to complete. The new town, Tharnburg, has two distinct areas: the Merchant and the Gladiator District. More competitive players will probably want to visit the latter since it has a player-versus-player combat ring.

If you enjoyed the last update, the Tainted Blood Pack, you’ll probably want to consider downloading this new offering from SouthPeak Interactive. Keep checking back here for more updates on Two Worlds.

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