U.S. SingStar details revealed

SingStar Coachella Sony - Image 1SingStar is finally going to have its long-overdue U.S. release soon, but what can we expect from Sony PS3’s singing sensation? As it turns out, there’s a lot. About 200 downloadable tracks, an option to your own performance videos online, Remote Play, and several other stuff. Check out what SingStar has in store for aspiring vocalists in the U.S. in the full article.

SingStar Sony Coachella - Image 1Sony‘s SingStar U.S. launch was greeted with a bang last week at the Rock Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, and we can’t help but be excited about its release on May 20. But what’s in store for gamers aside from being able to sing along popular and well-loved tunes? According to Aaron Orsak, U.S. Producer for SingStar, there’s going to be a lot.

The SingStar disc will let aspiring singers choose from 30 songs out of the box, but in case you’re hankering for more tunes you can purchase any of the 200 tracks available as downloadable content, each tune costing only US$ 1.49. Sony also plans to release 25 to 50 songs each month. That’s a pretty hefty number of songs.

Orsak mentioned some vague details concerning the downloadable songs, and we’ll just quote them here: “When you think that youÂ’re getting the song PLUS the video by the original artist PLUS itÂ’s all fully playable via SingStar, itÂ’s a great value.”

We just hope that we’re correct in taking the above statement to mean that PS3 owners get an MP3 file of the song, as well as its music video IN ADDITION to the music file that is playable on SingStar upon purchase. If that’s the case, then it’s going to be an absolutely cool deal. Say it is so, Sony!

Other relevant SingStar details include My SingStar Online. My SingStar Online lets people connect with other SingStar vocalists, recording and posting pictures and videos of their own performances for others to see. SingStar will use the PlayStation Eye to capture videos and images.

Sony also confirms Remote Play support for SingStar; with this option, managing playlists as well as SingStore downloads is possible even if one is away from the console. Viewing profiles and SingStar performances is also made possible on the PSP via Remote Play.

SingStar proves itself to be quite a hefty PS3 party title already. Stay tuned for more updates!

Image courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

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