Ubidays 2008: new Far Cry 2 trailer released

Ubidays 2008: new Far Cry 2 trailer released - Image 1Ubisoft released another teaser for Far Cry 2 (PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360), which some speculations pinned it as the first-person shooter to look out for in 2009. The trailer, debuting from the publisher’s Ubidays 2008 event, weaves some gameplay reels together with a narrative tackling what should be Ubisoft’s plot foundation. The video follows at the full story.

At Ubidays 2008, Ubisoft released a new trailer covering Far Cry 2 (PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360) which was decked out with action and drama in ties with the not-so-Far-Cry plot. There’s a whole lot of action in the end, but only after a mild teaser on the scenario that future gamers will get tied into.

As revealed before, players will be dropped into a world filled with life, and it’s in this virtual world that Ubisoft will demonstrate the “spirit” of Far Cry – the non-linear, open progression. Sporting AI features similar to those that spurred the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to world gaming stardom, Far Cry 2 will also boast aggressive visuals for all platforms.

But enough of that. We’re here for the video, so we’ll leave you to get right to it. We’d hand over the popcorn, but the trailer’s brief enough. Enjoy!

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