Ubisoft: Haze “definitely” out May 23

Ubisoft - Image 1If you’re a PlayStation 3 owner, there’s a big chance that you’re interested in Ubisoft and Free Radical‘s upcoming shooter Haze. However, it’s hard not to be put off with all the news going around of its supposed launch dates and having the statements taken back shortly after. Don’t look now, but a new launch has supposedly been verified. See the full article for more details.

Haze - Image 1There’s been a lot of whines and moans about the delays on Ubisoft and Free Radical‘s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze. We all remember how it was supposedly confirmed for release on May 22, only to for the statement to be taken back shortly after.

Don’t look now, but we picked up a news bit that will either give you new hope or piss you right off.

Eurogamer reports that they’ve contacted a Ubisoft spokesperson who said Haze will “definitely” be out on May 23 to give Nectar-craving PS3 fans their fills. Of course, by now those waiting for the title would probably take the item with a grain of salt.

Well, it looks like we’ll have to wait for more confirmation on this one. We know it’s tough to get your hopes up and get your heart sunk in a span of 24 hours. Check back with us for more updates.

Via Eurogamer

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