Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta – a GNU/linux shell program for PSP

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1There’s been no shortage of shell applications floating around the PlayStation Portable homebrew community lately. Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta is the latest homebrew shell program from developer Jack and it runs many of the standard features found in similar applications. However, what makes this shell program more enticing than others is that it was licenced under the freeware distribution of GNU/linux. More on this in our full article after the jump.

Download: Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta

Screenshot of PSP homebrew shell Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta - Image 1 Screenshot of PSP homebrew shell Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta - Image 2

While shell programs are literally a dime-a-dozen around the PlayStation Portable homebrew community, it doesn’t stop them from becoming interesting finds for the more avid homebrew fan. This latest shell application was developed by Jack, entitled “Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta.

The biggest selling point of this app is that it was filed under a GNU/linux software license, which any programmer can modify and redistribute under the terms of the licence. Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 comes with its own set of handy features as well. Here’s a list of its basic features:

  • Message anti-downloading ISO does appear that the first time you launch the HB
  • Boot (start and stop)
  • Login (user name and password)
  • Office and bar spots current (application shortcuts, system and stop)
  • Workstation
  • MS Explorer, supports files:
    • MP3, Ogg
    • PNG
    • PBP
  • You can launch a UMD through the workstation
  • You can start the internet browser
  • Changes in the following parameter: user name, password, speed of the mouse, or boot, time, screen background

Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta features a plugin to autoboot itself after installation and was tested under custom firmware 3.90 M33.

For more information regarding the program’s controls, you can read all about it on the documentation included in the file bundle. The program was written in French, so you may need to services of your favorite online translator.

Download: Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta

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