UEFA Euro 2008’s user controlled celebrations

UEFA Euro 2008's user controlled celebrations - Image 1In order to bring in more fun and excitement to Electronic Arts‘ upcoming UEFA Euro 2008, the developers added a little something to it. And what’s this little something? The user controlled celebrations in the game. Curious to know how they were able to come up with a fancy feature? Find out after the jump!

UEFA Euro 2008's user controlled celebrations - Image 1What’s even greater than playing virtual soccer? Well, it’s actually beating your opponents in the game and then celebrating it at that exact moment. That’s exactly what you guys can do with EA’s UEFA Euro 2008‘s (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP) user controlled celebrations.

That’s right. You guys can definitely customize that way you bask in glory upon achieving victory. Given this, you might be wondering just how was this made possible. Well, the developers shared this information through a blog. They mentioned that they were able to do such a feat through motion capture.

Once they were finally able to record and analyze all the data they got from the motion capture, they coded the data into the game. As a result, players will have the opportunity to do various celebratory actions, ranging from the “airplane”, to “blowing kisses” and the fingers to the lips “Shhhhh” moment.

Well, if you guys want to learn more about the user controlled celebrations found in the game, feel free to visit the link below. Don’t forget to come back to QJ for more news and updates.

Via IGN Blogs

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