UMEMD accessory for PSP introduced

UMEMD accessory for PSP introduced - Image 1 Imagine a device that could hold multiple memory sticks you use on your Sony PlayStation Portable, and how it could magically make them all readable at the same time or selectively. Then imagine that the device was actually a placeholder for the UMD drive, and suddenly you dream of ways to store gigabytes of data in your PSP. Pretty neat right? Too bad Team Xecuter‘s UMEMD – a UMD storage device stand in on its own – isn’t magically apt. More dreams get shattered at the full story.

UMEMD accessory for PSP introduced - Image 1UMEMD (pronounced “you-mem-dee”) is Team Xecuter‘s modded solution for storing Sony PSP memory sticks. And an appropriate name it is, for UMEMD takes the form of a typical UMD disc (with casing and all) in a double level enclosure designed to accommodate four memory sticks of your choice.

And though the name and item description may propel you to think that it could make all those memsticks readable via the Universal Media Disc format, the hacking-modding team hasn’t actually come round to making UMEMD accomplish that.

So in essence, UMEMD is simply a storage device for memsticks and nothing more. It carries four memory sticks by loading two sticks within storage bays inside the UMEMD enclosure. Once those two are occupied, the outer shell exhibits a few more locations where two more sticks may be stored. And if you’re not keen on carrying all your memory sticks in your pocket or carry case, the UMEMD offers another possible solution to those memstick swappers.

Team Xecuter says that the UMEMD will be available for shipping in two weeks time, but pricing and stocklists have yet to follow.

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