Uncharted 2 didn’t redefine action games because it wasn’t multiplatform, says Castlevania: LoS producer

uncharted2-thumbCastlevania: Lords of Shadow producer Dave Cox doesn’t think Naughty Dog’s PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2 redefined action games. His reason? Because it wasn’t multiplatform.




Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer Dave Cox  recently told PSM3 that while Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2 is superb both visually and technically, that doesn’t mean it redefines 3rd-person action games. Why? Blame its exclusivity to the PS3.


Uncharted 2 is a great game and I enjoyed it immensely. The standouts are the story and the voice acting,” he said. “[But] Uncharted was a single format release. If any game is going to set a benchmark for a genre it would need to do so across multiple platforms.”


Cox’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is being developed by Mercury Steam with help from Kojima Productions. Since it’s a multiplatform third-person action game, I guess in Cox’s eyes it stands a better chance of actually redefining the genre than any platform-exclusive release.




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