US senators call for a thorough review of Manhunt 2’s Mature rating

Manhunt 2 - Image 1Several influential individuals and groups have already called for the reinstating of the Adults Only rating of Rockstar Games’ Manhunt 2 (PS2, Wii and PSP). Now even the senators are on the case. Four US senators sent a letter addressed to ESRB requesting a “thorough review” of the game. Check out the full article for more details.

Manhunt 2  - Image 1The issue surrounding Rockstar Games’ Manhunt 2 (PS2, Wii and PSP) just won’t die yet, now that four US senators sent a letter to ESRB requesting that the review board make a “thorough review” of the game. The senators who signed the letter were Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Liebermann, Even Bayh, and Sam Brownback.

Part of the letter, addressed to ESRB president Patricia Vance, reads:

[In sum], we ask your consideration of whether it is time to review the robustness, reliability and repeatability of your ratings process, particularly for this genre of ‘ultra-violent’ videogames and advances in game controllers.

The senators also question why ESRB revised Manhunt 2‘s rating from “Adults Only” to “Mature”, claiming that such a move will make the game more accessible through widespread distribution. Aside from PTC’s demand to reinstate the former Adults Only rating on Manhunt 2, the US senators’ letter makes for added pressure on ESRB.

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