Valhalla Knights 2 Japanese trailer video

Valhalla Knights 2 Japanese trailer video - Image 1Itching to see some more RPG trailers for your Sony PlayStation Portable? Well, you are just in time as we have here a clip for the Japanese version of Valhalla Knights 2.

There’s still no word if this will be brought over to international markets but just watch the clip just the same in case Marvelous Interactive decides so. The video after the jump!

What we have here is another Japanese trailer video for the PlayStation Portable game Valhalla Knights 2. Distribution in Japan will be handled by Marvelous Interactive and the release will be this coming May.

According to Marvelous, Japanese gamers will be treated to a demo before April ends. We have to say that this is a good move from the company, knowing that the title’s predecessor didn’t enjoy much commercial success compared to other RPGs.

Valhalla Knights 2, like we said, is a fantasy RPG that allows gamers to have six different characters in their teams. It sports several customization features and several choices for weapons, items, and quests.

To see if this game is for you or not should Marvelous decided to bring it to English-speaking markets, watch the clip we embedded below.

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