Valhalla Knights 2 will require 80 hours to finish

Valhalla Knights 2 will require 80 hours to finish - Image 1Those waiting for the U.S. arrival of Valhalla Knights 2 will want to prepare for the long haul, given the game will reportedly require 80 hours of playing to finish. Keep note that we only said finish. The game will require even more time to fully complete. Further details on this matter are available in the full article.

Valhalla Knights 2 will require 80 hours to finish - Image 1In case you forgot, XSEED Games previously announced that it will be bringing Japan‘s Valhalla Knights 2 RPG into North America by this fall 2008. While that seems like a long way off, consider it a chance to try to clear up your PSP gaming platter, given that the title will take around 60 to 80 hours to finish.

Yes, you read that right. Valhalla Knights 2 will require the equivalent of a little more than three straight days of solid playing, which sounds all the more daunting given that the said time is just for a straight run, minus the side quests. Fully completing the game will require a total of 135 hours.

On the plus side, Kotaku indicates the game won’t have random encounters, and you can opt to sneak past battles you’d rather not enter. Massive amounts of time to complete, the option to sneak past battles, and an expansive back story…wait, where have I heard that before? That’s all latest details currently available for Valhalla Knights 2. Visit us again in case we run into any more interesting information.

Via Kotaku

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