Valkyria Chronicles Japanese gameplay and character trailer

Valkyria Chronicles - Image 1 If you’re one of the many Sony PlayStation 3 RPG enthusiasts who have been waiting for more word on Sega‘s Valkyria Chronicles, here’s a bit of relief for you. A new video was released by the publishers and it sheds more light on the game’s Gallian characters and the BLiTZ battle system they’ll be using. Meet Welkin Gunther, one of the many faces you’ll be seeing a lot of in the clip after the jump.

News about Sega‘s upcoming RPG-shooter hybrid Valkyria Chronicles for the Sony PlayStation 3 has been few and far between. Thankfully, we’ve been able to grab hold of a new trailer showing a bit of the characters. In this, we see a character profiler for one Welkin Gunther. From the looks of it, this one’s going to be as story-intensive as it is action driven.

It’s all still in Japanese, but so far the animation looks nice. The Gallian characters seem to have a lot of personality in them, and we hope this will hold true by the time we see an English-dubbed trailer.

As you may have read before, Valkyria Chronicles‘ storyline happens in a fictional future where the Earth’s nations are torn in a struggle for a new energy source. As seen in the video below, the plot will be imparted using anime-style cut scenes, while the action will happen with the seemingly innovative BLiTZ system that Sega is bannering. This one’s certainly an intriguing prospect, and we hope you enjoy the trailer as much as we did.

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