Video game immersion blamed for murder

Mortal Kombat fatality - Image 1It seems video games are slowly becoming mainstream in a way we’re not very happy about. Just recently, another murder case has been linked to the digital entertainment medium as the suspect was allegedly immersed in a different world when he left an 80-year-old dead with more than 70 stab wounds. More details await at the full article.

Halo 3 teabag - Image 1Our favorite past time made another unlikely appearance in the courtroom, as defense attorney Randy Gladden claims that his 24-year-old client Andrew Reid Lackey unintentionally committed a very gruesome murder because he was a computer geek immersed in video games who lived in “a different world than you and I.”

The killing happened back in 2005, when 70-year-old Charlie Newman from Athens was found dead with over 70 stab wounds, one eye gouged out, and a gunshot wound. Reportedly, Lackey was able to get in even if Newman had his doors closed to avoid trick-or-treaters.

Newman managed to call 911 when Lackey intruded, but the victim wasn’t able to talk to authorities. Through the line, Lackey was heard asking Newman, “Where’s the vault?” He did that at least seven times and sounds of struggle were captured. Newman’s final words were “I’m having a heart attack” before the call disconnected.

The perpetrator then left the scene by his rented car. Strange enough, Lackey also had a gun wound on his chest when he fled. He made his way to a Madison Chevron convenience store to grab an orange drink and call 911 for assistance. When asked, Lackey did not confess how he obtained the gunshot wound.

It was revealed by the widower’s grandson, Derrick Newman, through his testimony that Lackey believed the old Newman was a millionaire who had a vault under his stairwell. Derrick admitted that he knew Lackey since fourth grade and was aware that there was no such vault. It was noted that he did say that his grandfather had a vault, only because the idea was “cool” at the time.

Via Decatur Daily

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