Video: Street Fighter IV Epic Trailer

Chun Li - Image 1If you’re starving for more of Capcom‘s upcoming epic for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3, Street Fighter IV, then we have a treat for you: a trailer featuring some of the more delicious bits we’ve been given the opportunity to ogle ever since that very first trailer hit the interwebs. Check it out in the full article and see what it means to you.

Armchair puglists rejoice – here’s another opportunity to get in touch with your street-fighting side, as the guys over at Capcom have just released a completely new trailer about their upcoming opus, Street Fighter IV(PS3, Xbox 360, PC) – and it’s looking pretty awesome. It even manages to tie up the past and the present, to prepare us for the future – that is, future dragon punches to the FACE.

So, what’s so epic about this latest trailer, then? The fact that it pretty much shows off some of the fighting game icons from Capcom doing what they do best: beating each other up. From fireballs to helicopter kicks to a spinning piledriver, the gang is all here indeed. And with the game coming out on all fronts of next-gen(including arcades), it won’t be long before we’re making that all-too-familiar quarter-circle motion for Ryu’s signature move. Enjoy the video!

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