Video: three physics engine behind Star Wars: The Force Unleased

Video: three physics engine behind Star Wars: The Force Unleased - Image 1In able to successfully render the realm of Lucas Arts‘ upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game, three different physics engines were used. In a video we have for you, the developers talk about how Havok, Euphoria, and DMM take part in making the world of the Star Wars unlike any other game under the franchise.

With news from Lucas Arts that they will be releasing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed this March, platforms such as Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, and DS will be treated to a new Star Wars game unlike any other.

In this video we were able to get, the people behind the development talk about the three physics engines that were used in order to effectively render the galaxy of Star Wars. Havok, Euphoria, and Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) were all used in order to bring new life into the game.

Havok is an engine that corresponds to the physics related to objects found in the game such as crates, barrels, and ships. The Euphoria engine is used for the bio-mechanical AI of the game. it is responsible for the behavioral AI of the characters in the game. For DMM, it simulates the substance of objects providing an authentic Star Wars environment. An example would be when a glass breaks, and you get to see the particles that make up the glass when it shatters into pieces.

Check out the video below to know more about the engines used to develop the game. As for us, we’ll be providing you with more updates as they come.

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