Videos: nullDC Dreamcast Emulator for PSP

Dreamcast logo - Image 1Homebrew developer drkIIRaziel has released four videos of his nullDC project for the PSP. This one is a Sega Dreamcast emulator and it’s looking pretty real to us. There’s no download as of yet, but there should be some soon enough. Go to the full article and be amazed.

Thanks to Silenus for the tip!

QJ.NET user Silenus has tipped us off on a hot new project which might end up on your PSP one of these days. It’s called the nullDC emulator, and as some of you may guess, it enables Sony‘s handheld to run games from the old Sega Dreamcast platform. We’re getting this soon thanks to author drkIIRaziel.

Now there’s no download yet, but we’ve got a quartet of videos that prove its existence. Have a look below and see for yourself:

We know you have a lot of questions in mind right now, so we’re quoting beta tester Psyman who had a lot of notes which may answer them. He wrote:

Before this whole story about possibilities goes on again let me point some things out:

1. DC is not SNES, nor N64, nor PSX.

2. Even without a single optimization nullDC runs at 10% of full speed on interpreter mode.

3. The goal of the project is not to just port the emu to PSP but to make a rewrite targeting various embedded environments apart from PSP.

4. There is a debate on whether it is possible to reach fullspeed DC emulation on PSP. Most people say that it can’t happen (ranging from knowledgeable developers to average Joes) but raz thinks that under specific circumstances it might be possible. If it’s not, then there is no big deal since this is not the primary goal anyway.

There you have it. You can bet we’ll be keeping tabs on this project every step of the way. Watch out for more updates.

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