Voyage Century Online’s city-building update coming soon, rules released

Voyage Century Online city-building update rules introduced - Image 1Players of IGG‘s Voyage Century Online will be pleased to know that there’s a news update for them related to the upcoming city-building system update. Of course, the update just happens to be about the rules for using city-building. Learn more after the jump!

Voyage Century Online brings the city-building update rules - Image 1 

Here’s a heads up for all of you who play IGG‘s Voyage Century Online. There’s a news update relating to the rules for the upcoming city-building system update.

Basically, guild members can all participate in the city-building, though the actual building process and leveling of a city is determined by the leader or vice leader of a guild. All guild members have to do is find the construction minister and pay a leveling fund, as well as bring some needed equipment to level up the port. Once the port is ready to level up, leaders or vice-leaders can then increase the level of the port, granting the port a development point.

Before you start thinking about hyper-levelling your ports, you might want to remember one last rule the devs have put in place. This is a cooling time rule, which means that newly-developed ports can’t level up until a certain length of time has passed. Crafty, right?

In any event, you may want to stock up on the essentials so you can go grinding for items needed to level up your port in preparation for the rush of guild members who’ll be trying to do the same once the update goes live. We wish you the best of luck though, as you set sail for bountiful plunder!

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