Wake2up for the PSP - Image 1Interested in turning your PSP into an easy-to-use alarm clock? Developer Poison_xtreamlua has just released an application that could allow you to do that. Instructions on how to run this new application are available in the full article.

Download: Wake2up

Wake2up - Image 1

Fancy a wake-up call from your favorite handheld gaming system? We’ve received word that developer Poison_xtreamlua has recently finished work on Wake2up. As this application’s name implies, it’s a simple homebrew that turns your PSP into an alarm clock. This is one alarm you’re certainly not going to throw across the room as it interrupts your slumber.

Since the controls were originally written in French – and there’s no readme – we took the liberty of running Poison’s instructions through a translation app. Here’s how Wake2up works:

  • Top / Triangle = Increase hours 10 minutes.
  • Low / Croix = Decrease hours 10 minutes.
  • Right / Round = Increase hours 1 minute.
  • Left / Carre = Reduce the hours / minutes to 1.
  • Start = Enable / Disable clock.
  • Select = Save the configuration.

As we stated earlier, there’s no readme available in the app, so you may want to visit Poison’s original post at xtreamlua via the source link for full details.

Download: Wake2up

Via Xtreamlua

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