Wallpaper Changer/Randomizer v1.14

Sony PSP logo - Image 1Sometimes, just changing our Sony PSP’s wallpaper is not enough. We want to make our PSPs change wallpapers on their own; randomly if possible. It’s a good thing that homebrew developer Hellcat‘s Wallpaper Changer/Randomizer (previous version here) can pretty much let us do just that. So what’s new in this release? You have to hit the full article to find out.

Download: Wallpaper Changer/Randomizer v1.14
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Hellcat Wallpaper Changer Randomizer - Image 1

Sony PlayStation Portable owners who have a knack in customizing their handhelds better pick up homebrew developer Hellcat‘s updated version of Wallpaper Changer/Randomizer (previous version here). This homebrew application automatically switches the PSP’s XMB wallpaper – with some added options to tweak the how often and when you want your Sony PSP to automatically change its wallpaper.

So what’s new with this version? Check out the new features Hellcat added in this recent release:

  • Fixed some lockups during start
  • Fixed another conflict with wavepapers in “Once per day” mode
  • Added PTF changing/randomizing 😀
  • Added two PC based (Windows) tools for making proper 01-12.bmp replacements (background behind XMB waves) and perfect 480x272x24 PSP wallpapers you can then use with the Wallpaper-Changer.
    • Both tools take various image formats in any possible resolution as source images and should make most converting tasks very easy (two mouseclicks, and you’re set :))

As homebrew developer Hellcat mentioned, better check the readme file included in the download below to get more information and before installing the application. Have fun!

Download: Wallpaper Changer/Randomizer v1.14
Visit: QJ.Net PSP Development Forums

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