Warhammer Online: The Renown System

Warhammer Online - Image 1If you were one of those who contributed to the pre-order sell-out of EA Mythic‘s Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, you should familiarize yourself with the wheelings and dealings in the upcoming MMORPG title. Today we’ll focus on the Renown system to help you get started. More details after the jump.

Warhammer Online - Image 1In the latest development diary for the much-awaited MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, which is about to come this Fall of 2008, EA Mythic tells us all about the Renown System. Take heed as this concerns the rewards your character can receive within the game.

The Renown System is the gauge of a player’s participation in a Realm versus Realm setting (RvR). How much you fight? How often you win or lose?  Renown measures your proficiency and experience.

How do you earn it? Simplest way is to go on a killing spree. But you can also defend battlefield objectives and engage in scenarios and zone controls. You can also receive one Renown point per Renown rank which you achieve.
These points are not just for display though. You will use these to buy character advancements – whether to boost your offense or defense it’s up to you. You can also own exclusive items which you can only access if you are already a particular Renown rank.

Basically, the Renown system is here to motivate you to give your best in RvR settings. For a more comprehensive discussion of the Renown system, head over the via link where the development diary of Brian Wheeler, Adam Gershowitz and Justin Webb from EA Mythic awaits you.

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