Warhawk 1.5 update arrives with Trophies later this month

Warhawk - Image 1Sony has confirmed that Warhawk will get Trophies and they’ll be arriving before the end of the month. Over 50 shiny rewards will be up for grabs, and you can get them by accomplishing feats in four different categories. We’ll explain the rest in the full article up ahead.

Warhawk - Image 1Hot off Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune getting its Trophies, Sony has announced that the awesome online shooter Warhawk will get its fill of the shiny goodies. Over 50 Trophies will be up for grabs when the calendar hits the 27th of August, 2008.

Over 50 Trophies will be there to go after, and they’ll be divided into four categories. Specifically, they are:

  • Community Building– You get rewarded for being a friendly neighborhood player. This includes doing stuff like hosting a ranked server for four hours or more.
  • Game Mode– Accomplishing cool feats in different modes will yield Trophies. This includes surviving for a minute as the Hero in Hero mode.
  • Vehicle– Ever shot aircraft out of the sky with a tank’s cannon? Now you’ll have to if you want a Trophy. This category will require vehicular skills if you want in on the bling.
  • Warhawk Weapons– Master the use of various weapons and take out fools using them to gain rewards. How does taking out aircraft with Cluster Bombs sound to you?

All of this will come when Warhawk’s 1.5 feature update comes along. Interestingly, Sony said that Trophies don’t necessarily have to be non-retroactive. This means that not all games will be like Uncharted where you’ll have to start over to claim the rewards. More updates coming up.

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