Wario Land Shake details, flyer scan

Wario Land Shake - Image 1 A lot of Wario faithful were giddy with delight at the thought of a new Wario adventure for the Wii when Wario Land Shake was announced for a July release recently. Today we got a few details regarding the game, all of which you can read at the full article.

Wario Land Shake - Image 1After the recent announcement of Wario Land Shake, details for Wario’s new Wii adventure have finally come to light.

The game will be a side-scrolling platformer with 2d artwork. There will be a total of 20 stages to shake your way through. For the controls, the Wiimote will be held horizontally. Wario will mostly be controlled via the D-pad and the 1 and 2 buttons.

Since this is a Wii game (and the word “shake” is in the title),motion controls have also been added. For example, shaking the Wiimote up and down lets Wario get coins from an enemy he’s grabbed on to. It looks like vehicles can also be controlled by tilting the Wiimote.

We also managed to get a scan of a Wario Land Shake flyer detailing the game. You can check it out to the right. Wario Land Shake hits Japan on July 24.


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