White PS3 on the way?

40GB PS3 - Image 1Is a white Sony PlayStation 3 on the way? Chances are that it is. We’ve picked up reports that Circuit City is starting to receive the new units. If you think a lighter-toned console blends better with your home entertainment center’s setup, this may be your chance to get it. Full details await right after the jump!

White PlayStation 3 - Image 1

If the black Sony PlayStation 3 shell seems a bit old to you by now, or if it clashes with your TV’s color for some reason, there might be hope on the way. Reports have been going around that a white-encased version may be on the way.

Kotaku reports that they’ve caught word suggesting that Circuit City has stopped receiving 40GB PS3 units with Spider-Man 3 bundled in. Interestingly, the retailer has started receiving shipments of the console with the model number CECHH01.

If there are no weird surprises, this can only mean a white PS3 in stores by the time Spider-Man 3 bundles are out of stock. Sources say that the SKU will be priced at the standard US$ 399, but we’ll just have to wait and see to be sure.

Via Kotaku

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