Wii Exercise hits retail stores in Japan this Spring, new features added

Logo of video game developer Rocket Company - Image 1Health nuts in Japan should get themselves ready and expect another Wii fitness title to hit retail store this Spring. Wii Exercise puts itself in direct competition against the other Wii series games with its own set of exercise programs, as well as some new features that will certainly buff up players who go through it. You can check out the details of this upcoming game in our full article.

Wii Balance Board accessory to be used in Rocket Company's Wii Exercise - Image 1Everyone in Japan is still suffering from the fitness bug ever since Nintendo released Wii Fit into homes last year. It was also announced that video game developer Rocket Company will be releasing its own fitness “game” entitled Wii Exercise, which was aimed to compete against Nintendo’s title.

However, ever since the smashing success of Wii Fit, Rocket Company has decided to hold off the release of Wii Exercise and revise its game plan. The game is not part of the Wii fitness series and sports its own set of exercise programs for the user.

What makes Wii Exercise different from the previously rolled out series is that it will give users a proper workout through a series of boxing moves utilizing the Wiimote and Nunchuk controllers. This mostly aerobics exercise sounds very similar to shadow boxing, although it does round out its training by devising a diet program for users to follow.

It was recently reported on Siliconera that Rocket Company will be adding the support of the Balance Board accessory for power training activities. There are still a lot of punching involved in the title, so health nuts who are expecting an exact clone of Wii Fit shouldn’t worry too much. Wii Exercise is expected to hit retail stores in Japan this Spring.

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