Wii Head Tracking powers new 3D game

Nintendo Wii - Image 1If you thought our recent posts on Wii Head Tracking were mind-blowing, you’ll get a big kick out of this one that we’ve scrounged up for you. The creator of this neat innovation has added a nice 3D game that exhibits further how much potential his concept has. View the video right after the jump!

If we caught your fancy with our recent posts on Wii Head Tracking, you’ll probably enjoy what we’ve scrounged up for you. It’s Johnny Chung Lee again, and this time, he’s got more innovations than ever.

You’ve seen how his Wii Head Tracking system replicates environments by having the monitor display what the player is “looking at”. In the video below, the ante is upped with a simple 3D game further demonstrating what the innovation is capable of.

Again, the point is driven as to how versatile the Wii Remote and the Sensor Bar are. With a dash of inspiration, developers can turn simple stick-waggling into brilliant new concepts. Enjoy this clip below and celebrate yet another great contribution by the user-gen sector.

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