Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.4: now with Wiimote support

Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.4 released - Image 1 Want Wiimote support with your Wii Homebrew launcher? Well, with this latest release, you now have the option of doing so. There’s a trade-off for this new ability, however, which you can find out about after the jump!

Download: Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.4

Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.4 released - Image 1Wii developer hell_hibou has come out with an update to the Wii Homebrew Launcher, bumping it up to version 0.4. This latest update brings with it the ability to use the Wiimote with the program, though it comes at a cost.

Here’s the explanation of hell_hibou over on the website, as translated by an online translation engine:

The Wii version 0.4 of Homebrew Launcher is available. This version allows you to use the buttons on the wiimote, however, to avoid having to go to the GC mannette the wiimote (because all the homebrew do not use wiimote) it is still possible to use the lever GC .

Unfortunately, in order to implement the wiimote, it took me delete function to remove the SD card when one is in my homebrew. If you remove the card, you must restart the Homebrew.

The trade-off, while annoying, isn’t so bad if you have a dedicated SD card for homebrew. That being said, feel free to try it and see how it works out for you. Enjoy!

Download: Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.4

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