Wii homebrew – Minesweeper v1.2

Wii homebrew - Image 1I remember so many times when I burned hours away playing Minesweeper on Windows. For a visually lackluster game where all you do is guess and click, it sure packs some suspense, or am I just too easy to please? Anyway, get the latest update for the Minesweeper Wiibrew here.

Download: Minesweeper v1.2

Minesweeper - Image 1I’d be downloading something, then while waiting for it to finish, I’ll click away at Minesweeper. It’d be more than an hour later when I’d realize I have better games to play. But hey, that’s what gaming is – doesn’t matter what you play, as long as you love playing it. That’s what I always said when they kept bashing the PSOne‘s Brigandine from Atlus. Hey, the graphics suck, but it’s fun!

Anyway, you can bring the time-burning fun of Minesweeper straight into your Wii, that is if you haven’t already. This new version now supports the Wiimote IR sensor, so you can add a new twist to playing the Windows classic. Controls are simple enough. A to clear spaces, B to toggle between the flag and the question mark, and the usual directional buttons.

Download: Minesweeper v1.2

The article on the last version:

Via WiiBrew

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