Wii homebrew – Red Square v0.2

Wii homebrew - Image 1Love 2D action with a challenge? Why not try Red Square v0.2 for your Wii? It’s a classic 2D game, just grab onto the red square and move it without touching walls and the blue blocks. It gets pretty challenging, especially when using the Wiimote. Try it out!

Download: Red Square v0.2

Red Square - Image 1

If you feel like getting up and flailing your Wiimote all over the place, then you might want to try Red Square v0.2 by wplaat. Just press A to grab and hold the red square, then maneuver through walls and obstacles like the blue blocks.

They look nothing alike, but this game somehow reminded me of Donkey Kong Country. Maybe it’s because you have to complete stunts like this to reach bonus barrels and DK Coins. Red Square gets a bit challenging too. For a few seconds of download, you’re bound to spend a few hours playing this.

Anyway, it’s just version v0.2, but here are the most recent changelogs:

02/12/2008 Version 0.2

  • Improve http (new version check) thread
  • Remove some minor reported bugs
  • Complete redesign of gameboard graphics
  • Add background music
  • Add some sound effects
  • Remove some typo(s)

29/11/2008 Version 0.1

  • First release for Wii homebrew scene
  • Started programming
  • Gameboard design
  • Added WiiRemote IR control
  • Added three intro screens
  • Basic game engine ready

Download: Red Square v0.2

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