Wii homebrew – Super Star Shooter v0.6.0 trial version

Super Star Shooter v0.6.0 - Image 1Here’s something fun – it’s Super Star Shooter v0.6.0 for Wii. It’s still a trial version, but you’ll enjoy playing it. It comes with a video, so you’ll know what to expect. If you loved the old shoot-ups from the NES days, then this one’s a shoo-in for a download.

Download: Super Star Shooter v0.6.0

Feeling nostalgic? Here’s your quick fix – enjoy the oldschool star-shooting game that you used to love on the NES. Relive all that ammo-shower-dodging action, and the hair-ripping frustration of seeing your ship crash.

Here’s a video of the game. Anyone who’s ever played a title in the genre knows that whoever’s playing knows what he’s doing – he uses that scatter fire very effectively. See if you can too!

Download: Super Star Shooter v0.6.0

Via Game Developments

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