Wii Yoga twisting its way to Q2 2009

body-bender Yoga - Image 1The Wii is certainly popular among health buffs, isn’t it? To add to its roster of fun games (Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Wii Play) that are sure to get you off your butts, JoWooD Productions has announced Wii Yoga for Nintendo’s console. To read up and find more about this, head on to full article.

Yoga on Wii - Image 1Getting healthy playing the Wii is  undoubtedly all the rage right now, so it’s not exactly surprising that companies would want to cash in on this phenomenon.

JoWooD Productions Software AG has announced today their new offering for health buffs out there with Wiis, Wii Yoga. Yup, they’re bringing the world-famous meditative  doctrine for mind,  body and soul enhancement (separate from the one being offered in Wii Fit) – while enjoying that gaming experience.

Interesting as well is that the game will be supporting the Wii Balance Board, expectedly, cause it is integral in the exercise/gaming experience. There, now you have another game to add to your list of Balance Board playables.

Wii Yoga will be published by casual game publisher Tivola, and will be playing in your Wiis come Q2 2009, so you definitely have a lot of time to do some stretches now. Power up so that later, bending yourself into a pretzel would be easy queasy. Now where is that Pilates gaming workout?

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