Wiibrew: Lua for Wii v5.1.3

LUA player for the Wii - Wii homebrew news and updates - Wiibrew - Image 1Homebrew developer Feesh has released Lua for the Wii. This release potentially opens the floodgates for a new breed of Wiibrew coders, as coders now have the option to write in the Lua scripting language. More details in the full article.

Download: Lua for Wii v5.1.3

Lua for Wii v5.1.3 released - Image 1  

Lua is a powerful scripting language, used by a lot of programmers because it’s fast, small, and powerful. It’s a popular language in the PSP homebrew scene, and was also used to make the GUI for World of Warcraft. Now, Wiibrewers also get the chance to code in Lua.

This release is called Lua for Wii, and comes from homebrew developer Feesh. It even comes with a sample program. To run the test program, you will need to copy the test.lua file from the download archive to the root of your SD card, then run lua.elf via the Homebrew Channel, or your favorite Wiibrew runner.

Some of the scripting libraries for Lua for Wii aren’t implemented yet, but this might change in future versions. Be sure to read the documentation included in the archive.

Download: Lua for Wii v5.1.3

Via Wiibrew.org

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