Wiibrew program, Ocarina: the stand-alone Wii(RD) code handler

Wii Homebrew Program - news, updates download - Image 1This may be the closest thing we have to a GameShark for the Wii yet. Introducing Ocarina from Wii homebrew developer Link. It’s a standalone code handler for the Wii. Details in the full article.

Download: Ocarina

Wii Homebrew Program - news, updates download - Image 1

I was wondering when we’ll get something like this. Introducing Ocarina from Wiibrew developer Link. This new program may be the closest thing to a GameShark for the Wii yet. Ocarina is a stand-alone code handler for the Wii.

Essentially, the program starts a game, then searches for cheat codes in the SD card. The file format for the cheat codes are GCT, which you can make yourself with the PC application included in the download archive. Note though, that an existing bug prevents games to access SD cards when you boot a game using Ocarina, as Link explains:

Due to some bugs, games cannot access SD cards anymore when they are booted via Ocarina.. Brawlers who do stage builder stuff or screenshots.. please store them into your Wii memory and copy them over!

Here are the developer’s notes from Link. Make sure to go through the readme file included in the download archive for more details instructions.

To create GCT files.. a PC application is bundled in the package. This application is coming with 2 example files. rsbe.txt and rsbp.txt (Smash Brothers NTSC-U and PAL respectively).

Using the File menu you can open, them and select the cheats you want. Note that unlike an Action Replay you can modify codes with XXXXXXXX inside them.. it will always ask you to store modifications to its application memory I added this question so that people do not cry if a code is messed up – the actual cheat code file will not be modified until you save it in the app.

Once you’re done selecting codes: click on “Export to GCT”… and the rest should be pretty straight forward! Insert your SD card.

Download: Ocarina

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