WiiPhysics 2.1.0: throwable objects, scrollable world, more

WiiPhysics - Image 1Wiibrew developer Beardface has released the latest version of WiiPhysics, a program that lets your doodles on screen be subjected to the laws of physics. New in this version is the scroll feature, making it easier to navigate through the world. It even looks like a world now with clouds scrolling in the background. Check out a vid of the homebrew after the link.

Download: WiiPhysics 2.1.0

Wiibrew developer Beardface has released the latest version of WiiPhysics, a physics playground for the Wii. Basically it lets you doodle things on screen and the program subjects your doodles to the laws of physics.

This is one of the more interesting, not to mention fun, homebrew I’ve seen for the Wii. Anyway, you don’t have to take my word for it, you can watch a video of the Wiibrew in action down below. Download link’s right after that. First, here’s what’s new in this version:

2008.08.27 – v2.1.0

  • Added fully scrollable world with ground
    • up, down, left, right to pan (Or just move the pointer to the edge of the screen)
  • Added minimap for scrolling around world
  • Added ability to fix camera to an object for easy following around world
    • Hit 1 on any object to attach camera (works best on circles and squares)
    • (To detach, just hit 1 anywhere on the screen)
  • Added sky, with dynamic clouds
    • (You now know when you are in freeze b/c the clouds stop moving)
  • Fixed jumping of rectangles on draw
  • Lots of bug fixes

2008.08.25 – v2.0.0

  • Added pen joint for moving dynamic objects
    • You can now “Throw” objects
  • Added distinction between objects that are frozen and mobile to make it obvious to the user whats frozen
  • Fixed some bugs (Including crash from drawing small boxes)
  • Keep objects from jumping when you select them
  • Improved intro screen
  • increased pen draw size
  • started on framework for zoomable worlds

Download: WiiPhysics 2.1.0

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