Wii’s lack of hardware flaws impresses gamers

Nintendo Wii - Image 1According to a recent survey, most gamers are happy about the Nintendo Wii’s quality. Unlike other systems that initially suffer from flaws, Nintendo Company Ltd.’s white hot console displayed hardware stability on the get-go. Find out more at the full article.

Nintendo Wii - Image 1A good number of gamers believe the Nintendo Wii’s initial quality and stability is solid, according to a press release. Unlike other systems that often come with flaws at launch, survey says consumers have no problems with the white hot console.

“The Nintendo Wii has really surprised alot of people. The fun begins right when you take it out of the box,” U.S. Gaming analyst Alan Peterson said. Out of 250 gamers from the West Coast who were asked about the Nintendo Wii’s quality, 82% were confident with its stability and would consider purchasing it.

It’s no secret that the Microsoft Xbox 360’s earlier units suffered from the infamous red ring of death, and the giant company had to address the problem by pushing for better motherboards such as the Zephyr and Falcon. Reports concerning the Wii, however, often involve broken TV screens because of flying Wii Remotes.

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