WiiWare coming soon but list of launch games yet to be found

WiiWare - Image 1We’re all waiting for the US launch of Nintendo’s hot WiiWare, but here’s something odd: we’re only just a week away from the launch but a list of launch titles is yet to be found. It’s not really that bad, but it’s just a bit iffy not knowing what you’re waiting for. Read more in the full article.

Nintendo Wii - Image 1Now here’s something strange, but by no means serious enough to mean bad news: it’s just a week until WiiWare’s launch on May 12, but for some reason, there’s still no list of launch WiiWare titles to be found, anywhere.

When asked about the WiiWare launch and the list of games, a Nintendo representative said that there might be no announcement before WiiWare and the games go live, possibly releasing the announcement after they become available, just like what they do with Virtual Console games.

It’s a bit iffy, of course, since even we’re curious as to what titles will become available upon launch. Will we have to suffer in silence while waiting for the games to turn up? We’ll see, soon. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

Via Wired

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