WiiWare: LostWinds trailer video

WiiWare: LostWinds trailer video - Image 1Roughly a month ago, Frontier Development announced that they will be releasing their first a title, LostWinds. Today, the game is surely taking a definite shape. We got a video that showcases the world of Toku. Catch the clip after the jump!

If the announcement made by Frontier Development regarding their first WiiWare title, LostWinds, initially got your attention, then we have another update that will hook you guys in. You’ve noticed the little square below, it’s the game’s first video. That’s the focus of this particular update.

The trailer is able to show off how you guys will be playing the game. The concept is really simple. Using the Wiimote, you have to guide Toku along his perilous journey to save the world of Mistalis. Aside from guiding him, you can also make him glide with a flick of the wrist. Wondering how it really works? Don’t worry, the video is there to help you out.

We’ll be cutting the chitchat here because we want you guys to focus on the video itself. Do enjoy the free-flowing video that LostWinds has to offer. We’ll keep you guys posted for more updates on this game as soon as they come.

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