Wolfenstein 3D v4.7

Sony PSP - Image 1PSP homebrew coder Zack looks like he’s been working pretty hard on his Wolfenstein 3D port to the handheld as his latest update, version 4.7, has a lot of great things in store for us. Sound fixes and an easier way to access the game have been provided for our convenience. See the full article up ahead.

Download: Wolfenstein 3D v4.7

Wolfenstein 3d - Image 1 

PSP homebrew coder Zack is back and he’s got the latest update for his Wolfenstein3D port for the handheld. The game is currently at version 4.7 and has quite a lot of helpful fixes.

The sound issues that have been noted before have been addressed through sound fixes applied. Also, the game loader is complete and is working nicely.

You can now play the game straight up without six eboots cluttering up the game menu. The file structure has been changed, and you’ll have to place the game in the PSP/GAME/ directory for it to work. The Wolf3D layout has also been changed to PSP/GAME/Wolf_3D/Files/”.

Zack has lots of other important notes which you can find when you visit the source via the link below. All the Wolf3D v4.7 files have been compiled in a single download containing five archives on the DL link. Enjoy!

Download: Wolfenstein 3D v4.7

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