Xbox 360 Portable, by Benheck

Xbox 360 Portable...? - Image 1Okay, so it’s not Microsoft‘s response to the PSP, and it’s nowhere near handheld size. It’s basically a laptop with Xbox 360 features, brought to us by Benjamin Heckenson. It’s more of an Xbox 360 laptop, but it’s portable nonetheless. It’s so great I wanna buy it from him. Check the demo vid in the full article.

It’s not the portable Xbox 360 from Microsoft that we’re expecting, but it’s still Xbox-on-the-go. It’s by Benjamin Heckendorn, and it’s a laptop with the functions of an Xbox 360. It’s his latest, actually, and it’s different from his previous Xbox 360 laptops because:

  • it has removable standard Xbox 360 hard drive for easy data-swapping.
  • both memory card slots are accessible, for the same reason as above.
  • it has no keyboard
  • the ports and button layout has been simplified
  • the wi-fi module is internal, no external antenna
  • it has beveled edges and countersunk screws

Watch this demo vid as Ben shows us his latest creation. “Don’t build what you can buy,” he says. Lol. Well we sure can’t buy that, and he built one BIG TIME.

I want one of those! Who cares if it’s a bit heavy? Imagine playing on a full screen wherever you go. Now THAT is creative genius right there. You can find more details and images from Benjamin Heckendorn’s own site. The source link will take you there.

Made me remember this guy:

Via Benheck

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