Xbox Live Gold accounts get one-week dibs on free Marketplace content

Xbox 360 - Image 1Do you have an Xbox Live Gold Account or a Silver one? Depending on your answer, you may or may not be able to access free content on the Xbox Live Marketplace as soon as it’s put up. It’s one of the extra features of the Fall Dashboard update,which is also one of the few ways that Microsoft is adding value to members with a Gold account, and it’s certainly not done out of spite.

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Xbox Live Marketplace - Image 1

It seems that the new Fall Dashboard Update has something else in store for Microsoft Xbox 360 owners besides its massive round of improvements – and it has something to do with whether or not your subscription is of the Gold Level. Yes, dear friends, after installing the fall dashboard update, your ability to immediately access new free content in the Xbox Live Marketplace will be in fact decided on whether you have a Gold Xbox Live account or not.

This surprising bit of news comes directly from Major Nelson‘s official website, where it was revealed that new content put up on the Xbox Live Marketplace can only be accessed by Xbox Live Gold members. Of course, this is only temporary, as Silver members will be able to access the content one week after said content has been put up.

Xbox Live Silver members trying to access such content before the one-week exclusive period will have their online shopping experience halted by a special message, saying that the item itself is only for Xbox Live Gold members only, and that they should check back again in a few days.

And while this update may seem a bit disarming for those of us with Silver accounts, Major Nelson assures that this is not done to annoy Silver members – it’s merely just Microsoft giving Gold members value for their money.

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