Yahtzee DS 1.0 – the popular dice game rolls its way on to the DS

Nintendo DS handheld - Image 1Who can forget the the age-old dice game from Milton Bradley, Yahtzee? The latest version of the popular dice game gets its own homebrew incarnation on the Nintendo DS as developer hotkebab99 delivers Yahtzee DS to handheld owners everywhere with its first public release. See if you have what it takes to score a Yahtzee by reading our full article on this latest homebrew coverage.

Download: Yahtzee DS 1.0

Screenshot of Yahtzee DS homebrew game for DS - Image 1 Screenshot of Yahtzee DS homebrew game for DS - Image 2 Screenshot of Yahtzee DS homebrew game for DS - Image 3 

Roll up some dice and see if you have what it takes to get a Yahtzee (no, we don’t mean the Australian video game reviewer) as developer hotkebab99 brings the popular dice game on to the Nintendo DS platform. Yahtzee DS is a homebrew game which accurately simulates the age-old dice game from Milton Bradley without the hassle of dragging along some clunky six-siders.

For those of you not familiar with the game’s mechanics, think Poker using a set of five dice. The object of the game is to get the highest possible score by adding up the corresponding points gained through certain dice combinations.

Yahtzee DS follows all the basic rules from the game it’s based on and makes use of an intuitive interface thanks to the handheld’s touchscreen controls. It also utilizes libnds for its 2D and 3D graphics library, as well as EFSlib for its backups.

Those of you who enjoy the dice game will certainly find this handheld version a welcome alternative, especially when you’re on the go. You can download Yahtzee DS 1.0 through the link we’ve provided below. Enjoy!

Download: Yahtzee DS 1.0

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