YouTube ad reveals Final Fantasy XIII Japanese release date?

Final Fantasy XIII - Image 1Is there a date revealed for Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)? Even though it’s just for Japan at this point, it still beats not knowing when the “2009 release” exactly is. Check out what the kids from Japan found out in the full article.

Could this be Final Fantasy XIII‘s (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) Japanese release date?

Final Fantasy XIII - Image 1 

That image you see above is from a Japanese YouTube flash ad. Thanks to a few impatient, internet-savvy kids, they changed the word “before” to “after” in the ad’s URL, and voila! December 17 is the date to be.

So is this the date, Square Enix? They haven’t said anything about it for now. I do imagine them doing facepalms for not thinking of the URL-giveaway.

Thanks to kirayamoto for the tip!

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