Zen Pinball moving on to Mars

zen-pinball-thumbA new Mars table is coming soon to ZEN Pinball. Hit the jump for more details on the MARS expansion.






A new Mars table is coming soon to ZEN Pinball. Developer ZEN Studios didn’t include a specific release date in the presser they sent out, but apparently it’ll be on the PlayStation Store in the next few months.


The MARS expansion will add several different game modes, ball slicing effects, electrically charged ramps and a few new combos. Here’s the feature list:


  • Dock the space ship and activate the magnetic crane to collect space samples
  • Land with the space spider to analyze the ancient Martian symbols
  • Call in the satellite to scan distant galaxies, calibrate its solar collector and activate its electromagnetic fields to lock three balls
  • Restore the Mysterious Pyramid, then deactivate its defense system
  • Spell out MARS to activate the secret portal of lights
  • Repair the artificial gravity reactor to stabilize gravity on MARS





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