Zyon Games, Solid State Networks join forces in Childhood Online, Secret Online

A creature from Childhood Online - Image 1These days, interdependence appears to be the name of the game, especially if you’re an independent startup MMORPG publisher like Zyon Games.

You see, Zyon has announced its intention to partner up with Solid State Networks to bring us two new free-to-play MMORPGs entitled Secret Online and Childhood Online. For more synergistic goodness, the full article awaits after the jump.

A hot female character from Secret Online - Image 1These days, it’s not uncommon to see one company serve as a publisher for an MMORPG, while another provides content delivery solutions. Independent startup game publisher Zyon Games appears to be following a similar formula.

The company has recently announced its intention to join forces with Solid State Networks to bring two new free-to-play MMOs, Secret Online and Childhood Online.

The games are expected to grace both the European and American markets. Zyon Games‘ founder Steve Wade commented on how beneficial the business alliance would prove for the publisher:

As a gamer, I know how frustrating it can be to patch a game, or even download the original client. Content delivery is one of the most important aspects to a game publisher, and Solid State Networks not only gets the job done, but also gets it done fast.

Likewise, founder and CEO of Solid State Networks Rick Buonincontri echoed similar sentiments with regards to Zyon Games: “It is an honor that they have entrusted us with this critical component of their business.”

Solid State Networks will reportedly deliver Secret Online and Childhood Online to the gaming public via content delivery technologies such as Solid Axis ION, a clientless download accelerator, and Infinite Analytics, for reporting and network management.

The said titles will be distributed exclusively over the Internet using a hybrid network that uses peer-to-peer technology.

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