Bomberman Ultra coming to PSN

Bomberman - Image 1Blasting its way on your PSNs later this year is the classic Bomberman game that comes with a new touch. Yes folks, it's Bomberman Ultra and it's an all-new digital download for your PS3. Know the details after the jump.

Bomberman - Image 1Hudson Entertainment's just dropped the bomb on us. As in Bomberman. That's right, folks! He's just been announced to be headed to the PlayStation 3, and it's gonna be only for the PlayStation Network.

Bomberman Ultra is an all-new title that retains classic gameplay elements while incorporating the modern touch of 8-person online multiplayer. Other features also include the following:
  • 14 exotic arenas for online multiplayer mode
  • 4-palyer local mutliplayer
  • full character customization with more than 50 character costumes
  • high-definition graphics
But another twist is that it's gonna feature Destructoid's Mr. Destructoid as a playable character. We'd have to say we're a little jealous that they have their own character. But hey, it's not like we have a Mr. QuickJump anyway. (hmmm... anyone up for a Design Mr. QuickJump contest? *wink, wink*)

Bomberman Ultra comes out on the PSN this Winter. No specific date is set as of yet, but we're sure there'll be more updates on this at the TGS.

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