Experts develop “super chip” to improve video gaming

Silicon Laser Hybrid chip - Image 1In the quest for making ultra-realistic video games, a team of experts have banded together to create the “super chip”, meant to power computers and game consoles even further than the currently-used silicon chips. More details in the full article.

Computer Chip - Image 1A team of experts from Glasgow University and U.S. Semiconductor Research Corporation are now working on developing a new generation of “super chips” meant to make ultra-realistic video games.

According to them, the silicon chips that are currently being used in computers and gaming consoles already reached the peak of their capabilities, hence the need for the super chips. One of the experts, Professor Iain Thayne from Glasgow University, said:

What gamers want is to develop games that make you feel as though you are part of the synthesised world. It is the silicon chips installed in games consoles which are holding this development back and so by increasing the power of chips, a whole new generation of computer games can be launched.

The project, supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, is set to be completed within three years, and the chips will be ready for use by gaming manufacturers by then.

Aside from gaming consoles, the experts also said that the chips they are working on can be used to extend battery life and increase the speed of various electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, computer, and laptops.

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